We place a big priority on making Journey a place that kids want to be at. Our team works hard each week to provide exciting, engaging, and safe experiences for kids from nursery through 5th grade. What we offer at Journey Kids! is far more than just childcare- each week we use exciting music, teaching, and small group discussions to help kids take their next step toward Jesus in a way that's relevant to their specific age. If your kids have never experienced Journey Kids! before then make sure to bring them to one of our Sunday experiences at either 9:30 or 11:00- they'll have a blast!

Journey Kids


Getting your kids checked into Journey Kids! is an easy and secure process. We have two check-in locations located inside the entrance to our building with trained volunteers who would love to help get your kids registered for the morning. If it's your child's first time to be with us, you can let us know of any allergies or special needs they might have as well as get a tour of our Journey Kids! area. After checking in, both you and your child will receive matching ID stickers which are a part of our security policy.


Speaking of security, we place a priority on making Journey Kids! a safe place. Every adult volunteer who works with kids at Journey has undergone a background check, and we have security teams stationed at each entrance to our kids' area. We want you to have a peace of mind that your kids will be learning about Jesus in a safe and secure environment.