Sunday church attendees at Journey Church in Jackson TN


Our story officially started on October 10th of 2010 when Journey held its first worship services, but to fully understand how we began, you'd have to go back quite a ways before 2010.

For years, there was a group of committed followers of Jesus who had a vision to start a church north of Jackson, TN that would reach the growing communities of that area. While this group of believers were praying about starting a new church plant, our lead pastor Jeremy Brown and his family were feeling God's prompting to help start a new church that would be a place that unchurched people loved to attend. And through ways that only God could orchestrate, these paths crossed and Journey was eventually planted on 10.10.10.

Journey existed for five years as a portable church that met at FunZone (next-door to our property). By 2013 it was obvious that Journey had exceeded the limits of the FunZone facility, and we sought to build our first permanent facility. In October of 2015 we started holding services in our own facility, known as a Sprung Structure, where we continue to help people take their next steps toward Jesus.