SUNDAYS AT 9:30 AND 11:00

You're probably wondering what it's like at Journey, and that's a fair question. After all, what kind of church meets in a building that looks like a tent? But if you're willing to give us a try, you'll find a place full of everyday people who want to welcome you into our community. Our style is super casual (our only dress code is "please do"), our teaching is relevant to everyday life, and if you're into music, you'll find that this is one of the best live-music venues in West Tennessee. Our services last for a total of 70 minutes, and we believe that it'll be an experience that you'll never forget. 


Have you noticed that there seems to be a relationship between the amount of time we spend on this earth and the weight we feel from it? Sometimes it’s the overwhelming weight of feeling like we're broken; other times t's just the insurmountable feeling we get when we see the amount of work that's in front of us. But whether it's pain, fear, or conflict, one thing's for sure- it's easy to feel overwhelmed by life. The Bible stakes a claim to a promise that is reserved for us if we’ll live in the Truth: We are more than conquerors through Jesus! Come join us and let's explore the things that overwhelm us and talk about how to overcome them!



Kids also love it at Journey because we've worked hard to create environments that are just for them. With music, dancing, and exciting lessons that are designed for each specific age-group, your children are sure to love Journey Kids! We offer full kid-programming during each service, so make sure to bring the kids in your life with you when you come to visit!