One thing that you need to know about Journey is that we don't expect everyone who comes in to have it all figured out. We created Journey to be a place where you can come and ask questions and explore this whole faith in Jesus thing. As a matter of fact, we tell people all the time that they can belong at Journey long before they believe the way that we do. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

One of the biggest questions people often explore at Journey is around the idea of who Jesus is. You might be here wondering the same thing. At Journey, we make a big deal out of who Jesus is. In the person of Jesus, we've found hope, acceptance, and healing from all that's hurt us in our past. That's why we're passionate about telling other people about who Jesus is- we want people to experience the same love that we've experienced. 

We all have a problem when it comes to our relationship with God- we've all made a choice or action that has gone against what is right in God's eyes. The Bible says simply that we've all sinned against God at one point or another and decided to go our own way. And because of this, our relationship with God has been damaged beyond our ability to repair it. 

As bad as that sounds, there is good news to be found in what Jesus did for each of us! The Bible says that at just the right moment in history, God sent His only Son Jesus Christ into this world that He would give His life in our place so that we could have a right relationship with God once again. Not only did Jesus die in our place, but God also raised Jesus up from the dead so that He would break the power of death and separation. And because Jesus died and rose again, we have the right to be called God's children and experience new life- lives that are restored and made complete in Jesus both here and now and for all of eternity. 

Journey Church located in Jackson TN 


Faith in Jesus becomes a big deal for all of us. Eventually you will be faced with the question of whether you believe in what Jesus did or not. That's why we want you to come and explore what the Bible says about Jesus with us. The thing that makes the Christian faith so unique is that God's not expecting perfection or some sacrifice from you before you can get to Him- He's already done that on your behalf- all that it takes to be right with God is faith. Faith that Jesus died in your place. Faith that God raised Him from the dead. Faith that Jesus is Lord of all. The Bible says that it's from this faith that we find our salvation and hope for spending our eternity with God. 

We know that exploring the idea of faith in Jesus can be difficult to do alone. Not only do we want you to come and explore it with us at Journey, but we know that it can be helpful to speak one on one with someone about who Jesus is. Our pastors are always available to talk through the idea of faith in Jesus, so make sure to use the link below to connect with us today.

Another step that you might want to explore if you've recently made a decision to put your faith in Jesus is the step of baptism. Use the link below to learn more about what baptism means and how to move forward with baptism at Journey.

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